Sales Tracker

Sales Tracker is the B2B platform that brings manufacturers & distributors closer to their customers— both in person and online.

Sales Tracker designed & developed by Sentio USA team to support the wholesale business by providing below tools


How Can Sales Tracker be useful Your Company ?

  1. Web and Mobile Solutions: state of the art back, mid and front- end solutions.
  2. Create unlimited Product Categories and Category Trees
  3. Merely Manage your mobile and web solutions at your back office without an IT team.
  4. Upload high-resolution pictures and explain your product details at their unique product page
  5. Generate multi-sale channels & stores, Manage them from the central office
  6. Track your sales team through GPRS and know the exact location.
  7. Create your own unique sales pitches and have all sales team follow your company standards
  8. Track salesmen performance. (track their tablet usage, how many items shown, how many minutes spend on each product, how long stayed in the stores, etc..
  9. No more paperwork, Store all your files as e files.
  10. Create promotion at the central office and distribute to your sales team and
  11. Instant communication with your sales team and stores (chat, instant messages)
  12. Generate unique catalogs for each salesperson & stores
  13. Integrated to QuickBooks accounting system / Track instant inventory and sales
  14. Create a new campaign for stores and regions
  15. Accept orders from sales team and stores
  16. Show available products at the nearest location at the web and mobile solutions
  17. Manage Stores Digital Signage (Tablet, TV, Videowall, LED ) from the central office
  18. Authorize each user based on their positions.
  19. Generate endless pool to track your customer requirements and track their behaviors.
  20. Working at IOS And Android platforms
  21. Barcode base product registration, inventory query, sales deduction from accounting.
  22. Customize each locations application or digital signage upon their color, logo, etc.
  23. Live broadcasting for each store locations
  24. Offer website and social media platform solution for your stores. (help them to be online under your influence and products)
  25. At Samsung Tablet limitation of available usage and tools
  26. Integrated QuickBooks accounting system
  27. Show sales team and stores, net rates, mark up amount and selling rates, allowable discount amount or percentage
  28. Integrated shipping station for your shipping labels. Print shipping labels for each order.

How Can Sales Tracker be useful Sales Team?

  1. Communicate with the main store and customer via the application by instant chat or text messages.
  2. Print shipping labels for each order.
  3. Check product inventory instantly.Order items via the application.
  4. No need to carry all printed catalogs. All catalogs and products stored in your tablets with full description and high- resolution pictures.
  5. Follow sales pitches generated by the central office.
  6. Track your stores and central office inventory.
  7. Spend your times more effective on store visits
  8. Increase your sales with digital signage (more appearance for your items at stores)

How Can Sales Tracker be useful Dealers & Stores?

  1. Check instant inventory. Order online
  2. Track your shipment truck for your orders
  3. Track your order and shipping process
  4. Direct communication with your sales manager via text and instant messaging.
  5. Communicate with accounting, warehouse and other related department from main sales channel
  6. Use web site and social media tools provided by central sales office. (available on additional charges)
  7. Have centrally managed signages (led, TV, tablets, Videowall) for updated products
  8. Through Barcode reader check all items prices, see their net, mark up, selling amount, allowable discounts ad percentage or fix amount.