Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a closed-circuit broadcast system based on the remote control of the content on the screen over a software operating on the internet or network.

The user has all the authority of the management of the system regarding both hardware and software as broadcasting the content on the screens at the intended date and time, with the intended order or discontinuing broadcasting. This system being broadcasting closed circuit which is private for institutes is also called Institutional TV.

The advantages of Digital Signage for users

  1. Due to its multi-purpose chance to use, it provides cost and time advantage.
  2. With its remote control and central management facilities, it provides operational convenience and it improves productivity.
  3. It ensures the presenting of many different contents on a single screen.
  4. In comparison with traditional methods, it enables the presentation of the contents in a dynamic structure and attractively.
  5. It provides simultaneous notices and information sharing.
  6. It affects the images of the institutions positively.
  7. It is an eco-friendly system with its long-lasting lifetime.
  8. Institutional TV (Digital Signage) systems are being used as the most effective digital communication and education tool with proper planning.

Fields of Usage and Purposes of Digital Signage (Institutional TV) Systems

  1. Digital Signage Solutions for Institutions
  2. Institutional Communication
  3. Notices from the administration to the personnel
  4. Even Calendar Notices,
  5. Safety Instructions,
  6. Personnel Trainings,
  7. Central Operation Monitoring,
  8. Emergency Notification,
  9. Reception Directing,
  10. Meeting Room Management Systems

Digital Signage Solutions for Health Sector

  1. Doctor’s Office Name Tags,
  2. Patience Information Monitoring,
  3. Customer Satisfaction Measurement,
  4. Product and service advertisements,
  5. Recommendations on health,
  6. Reception Directions
  7. Digital Signage Solutions for Retail Sector and Restaurants
  8. Store and In-branch Showcase Information Systems
  9. Product, Campaign and Menu Promotions,

Digital Signage Solutions for Retail Industry and Restaurants

  1. Customer Satisfaction Survey
  2. Online purchasing, aesthetic appearance for the Store

Digital Signage Solutions for Finance Sector

  1. Store and Showcase Information Systems
  2. Central Operation Monitoring Systems (Data Center)
  3. Meeting Room Management Systems,
  4. Campaign Promotions,
  5. In-company communication platform,
  6. Immediate data notifying,
  7. Reception and Welcoming areas

Digital Signage Solutions for Transportation and Accommodation Sector

  1. Reception and Welcoming areas,
  2. Terminal Information Systems (departure and arrival information),
  3. Central Operation Monitoring Systems,
  4. Kiosk and Way-finding systems,
  5. Directing and Information systems (notices and advertisement contents.

Digital Signage Solutions for Education and Health Sectors

  1. Smart Board Systems,
  2. Interactive Participation,
  3. In-Company Information Systems,
  4. Room/Class name tag solutions,
  5. Safety Information,
  6. Notifying of Stringent Rules,
  7. Notifying about events