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-Good advertising strategy
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Adaptation to the globalizing world is the easiest way to rise to industry leading position. You must sell your products and services to the world!

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You can monitor the success of your strategies through the panel we offer, and you can be informed about all developments related to your business simultaneously.

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Track and analyze the visibility of your website from a single address. Easily achieve the online visibility goal you set with our SEO, social media, and marketing efforts.

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All the data is instantly on your mobile phone with our mobile application.

We combine BuyingSelling and Intecto in one platform with our Android & IOS application and carry them to your pocket.

Instant chart

You can instantly view all the current changes that concern you through our application.

Web Push Notificaitons

With web push notifications, you have the opportunity to quickly respond to customer demands!

Market Analysis

Find the companies and products you are looking for without losing time and ask for offers from the vendors you want on the subject you want!

Support and Help

When you need our operators, who provide all the support you are looking for are as close as a phone call.

You can discover new markets and collaborations on the Web / App.

Competitor analysis

Analyze your competitors and determine your strategy by searching keywords in BuyingSelling.

Innovative Ideas

Convert your ideas to earnings by uploading them to the BuyingSelling platform!

Peak Sales

Peak on your sales with new customer demands from BuyingSelling.

Draft Strategy

Let's determine your company promotion strategy to stand out on the BuyingSelling platform.

Business Solutions

With our support for SEO, Google Ads, web analytics, data optimization and retargeting, you will quickly reach your commercial goal.

Project Mapping

To get efficient results, your road map needs to be drawn correctly.

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"Quality is not a coincidence…"

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