What is BuyingSelling?

Take your place among millions with your company or with your products to increase your international visibility!

International Visibility

It is in your hands to ensure the international accessibility of your products, just like in your locality..

Supplier and manufacturer together

Find products and contact suppliers with one click.

Advantages of using BuyingSelling

With years of experience, in addition to helping you offer your products and services in digital environment, let’s make purchasing departments reach you faster.


More than 100 thousand inquiries per day

Contents and Products

More than 1 million suppliers and products


Over 1.7 Million Purchases Per Month

Mobile Application

Inquiries instantly in your pocket


Posting free jobs

Company Exchange

Free publishing for company buyers, sellers, transfers or co-seekers


Tüm Hizmetleri ve Verileri Sizler için Birleştirdik…

Company Marketplace

We have created the most reliable environment in a single platform for those who buy, sell, transfer or share a company.


We have combined buyers, sellers, and products on one platform. We developed our mobile application for push notifications.

Career / Job Advertisement

You can publish company transfer, partner finding, transfer or take over a company advertisements on the best page of Europe.

SEO Services

Get the best visibility and ranking on Google with edits to your web page and social media account.

The Easiest Form of Online Shopping

We provide all the necessary online facilities to bring you and your customers together in the digital environment. In this way, you will easily feel the improvement on your sales.  

With years of experience, we see what you need and offer what is necessary.

We give you the opportunity to benefit from the search engine in a single package, improve your career and benefit from the strategy development with company marketplace analysis.