HAAI is a device independent content delivery platform assembling experiences and managing digital assets

HAAI attracts new business and increases engagement by orchestrating oneto-one digital user journeys across every touch point with data-driven personalized content and experiences for your customers, sales reps and/or business partners.



Tracking, entertainment, surveys, promotion, ads


Campaigns, training, campaign management, entertainment

Consumer Durables

Campaign management, training, surveys, ads

Consumer Services

Customer support, promotion, ads, entertainment, survey


In-store marketing, promotion, campaign management, ads


Tracking, Reps management, order management, surveys

Food & Beverage

Order management, promotion, surveys, ads


Tracking, Reps Management, policy tracking, surveys, ads


  1. Performance, Versatility and Total Control
  2. Native iOS & Android Apps
  3. Pier to Pier Encryption
  4. 256 Bit Encryption
  5. HTML5 Technology
  6. Face Recognition Technology
  7. HAAI Compression Algorithm
  8. Disaster Recovery

Design Center

HAAI Design Wizard allows brands to create their campaign materials in minutes. Every element in the selected template is editable and users can include personalized caption.

Compression Performance

HAAI builds codecs and designs solutions that maximize performance of data, mobile imaging, video and computer graphics while minimizing memory requirements.

Data Virtualization

HAAI helps brands to gain more insight from their data and respond faster to ever changing analytics.

What we can do for industries

HAAI provides a large variety of features for different industries which allows to customize the solution according to their own requirements and needs.

TRANSPORTATION Fleet Management Solution: HAAI shows exactly the time spent behind the wheel and when, where and how your fleet is used. Extensive Reporting: HAAI provides detailed insights into the activities of individuals and the fleet. Data Recorder: Automotive Spyware providing live monitoring. You can also set alarms that notify you via e-mail or text message when the Entourage detects movement or leaves a customizable geographic perimeter.
Digital Signage Features
Instant Messanger
Survey Management: Field surveys, real-time data collection.
Training: Online course development and Real-time educational content delivery
Public Service Tests/Exams: Real-time practice tests on the field for public workers.
Utility Checks: Controls and trouble shouting for utility services like gas, electricity or water.
Information Kiosks: Interactive city map, help desk, online chat, train & bus ticket sales, accommodation services.
Training: Online course development and Real-time educational content delivery
Claim Management: Customers’ claims and complaints management.
Appliance Check: Control and issue reporting for appliances in hotels or other tourism institution.
Digital Signage
Campaigns: Data set delivery for campaigns.
Digital Catalogues: Catalogue updates for any sales point. Entertainment: enjoyable apps and games created with HTML5 for user experience.
Claim Management: Customers’ claims and complaints management.
Digital Signage: Delivery of any type of data set such as movies, images, documents.